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WeAreSC Roundtable: Biggie All-American?

Clay Helton made a statement last night on Trojans Live show that Iman Marshall is having All-American type season. What are your thoughts on that statement and why

Garry Paskwietz

First of all, just the thought that Iman would be considered for All-American honors is quite a statement for what he has done this year. We talked a lot this spring and coming into the season about how he was playing with a sense of urgency as a senior, and he deserves credit for the way he has done that. Has it raised to an All-American level? I don’t know? I suppose there are a couple opportunities to add to his resume here at the end of the season, including a high-profile match-up with Notre Dame, but whether or not he gets selected for AA honors probably depends on the eye of the beholder. To make his case you will see a big corner who has matched up week in and week out with some of the best receivers the Pac-12 has to offer and has done a good job of limiting their production. That is not to be taken lightly. But the All-American bar is a high one and it’s fair to question the lack of picks or the PI calls if you are taking such a high measurement to his game.

Greg Katz

There is no question that “Biggie” has improved his play from his previous seasons. The question: Is Marshall worthy of being an All-American? It’s certainly not unusual for a head coach to push his players for post-season honors, and Clay Helton is no exception. Yes, Marshall has had his moments, but let’s remember that he has yet to achieve All-Pac-12 first-team status up to this point in his Trojan career. It might happen this season, but we’ll have to wait and see. For those who do not see Marshall in the All-America category, they’ll point out this season that Iman has had a succession of pass interference calls leading into the Cal game. No question that playing CB is a really tough position and nobody is perfect. However, before anointing Marshall an All-America, let’s wait for the season to conclude and see if he is chosen by the Pac-12 coaches for first-team all-conference honors. If Marshall does accomplish that recognition, then there can be some serious discussion whether All-America status is warranted.


I would say that cornerback Iman Marshall has had a solid season, not one that would garner All American status. Although he has not intercepted any passes this season, he shares the team lead in passes defended with (5), and has had fewer penalties this season. So it is a nice bounce back year from last season when he struggled for a long stretch. He has always been a serious about the game of football, and a good locker room presence. So I’m pleased to see him persevere and be one of the anchors on the defensive side of the ball.

Kevin Bruce

Biggie is having a good year clearly his best but nowhere near AA. I’m glad that Helton is pushing somebody for AA. I’m still concerned we’ll have no AA’s. Biggie is our best shot but unlikely. His PIs are legendary. His run support is outstanding. PAC-12 1st team feels right. Our poor team performance hurts post season honors too