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Tidbits from Clay Helton media call


“that was one of our healthiest games. We had some bumps and bruises but nobody left the game”

Stephen Carr

“Stephen is close to being 100% and I expect to see him more and more in the coming weeks. We tried to get him in on the passing game, free him up a little, but RoJo kind of took off, I expect to get more reps for Stephen in the future.”

Are you concerned about giving up another lead in the 2nd half to give a scare?

“We were up 3 scores at half, that was cut to 2 but it never got closer than that. If you look at it, they hit 2 big pass plays and we had a punt block.”

Will you be looking to get some banged up guys more rest than normal this weekend?

“It’s the next game for us. We try to go 1-0 every week and this is no different than the previous 11 games that we’re played.”

With the lack of a bye, in hindsight do you wish you would have had one earlier in the season or are you happy to have it now after the UCLA game?

“From where we sit right now it will hopefully help get some guys healthy for December 1st. But we sure could have used it after that Washington State game”

Jackie Jones

“Part of being a coach is developing a player in every aspect of their game, and Jackie is a very emotional and impactful player. My job is to reel that in, to make sure he understands how that impacts the team. We have a saying that as emotions go up, intelligence goes down. It’s a big part of the game, my job is to get him to understand that”

On Friday night scheduling, do coaches get a say?

“We get a vote at the start of the process, and then they narrow the schedules down until it is done. By the end we don’t get a say, we just need find a way to win whatever game we play. TV revenue market drives the decisions and men much smarter than me make the decisions.”

Sam Darnold

“The last six games he’s playing at an extremely high level with 15 Td’s and 3 picks. I think the maturity at the wide receiver position has really helped as we’ve seen guys like Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman step up. And a healthy offensive line helps. I thought we really saw him hit some nice fades and outside receiver throws, that’s the first thing we work on before practice is making those throws against air, because when you start to hit those the middle really opens up.”

Who will be the back-up to McGrath

“Reid Budrovich will handle the back-up PK duties, just as he has done in recent weeks”

What did you think of Vaughns penalty for spinning the ball?

“I love kids having the opportunity to be passionate, but if a penalty is going to be called it’s my job to handle it”