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Scott speaks Pac-12 issues and additions

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott and Pac-12 CEO Group Chair & University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano spoke to the media on Monday afternoon on range of topics that included updates from the Pac-12 CEO Board Meeting held earlier that day along with the announcement of the Pac-12’s 2017-2018 financial results.

Here are some of the tidbits from the media conference call:

* Commissioner Scott proudly announced that this is the 14th year in a whole that the Pac-12 will win the most NCAA championships. With the athletic year still in progress, the conference currently stands at 10 national titles.  

* Commissioner Scott commented that currently football and basketball have been “certainly below par, but there is a lot of reasons for optimism as we go into the current season.”

* Men’s basketball standards. The conference scheduling and formula are being reformed to include 20 conference games. New non-conference scheduling standards are being implemented. The idea is to address strength of schedule, which the NCAA tournament committee takes into account when selecting teams and seedings.     

* There will be no loss of season penalty for players transferring between schools in the Pac-12. However, a transferring player must still sit out an academic year. The logic is to provide a similar experience to any student transferring within the conference. Again, no loss of eligibility.  

* Chancellor Philip DiStefano said the Pac-12 Networks are exploring adding strategic traditional players and technology partners for future involvement. The conference was not prepared to name any specific corporates names and entities at this time. However, talks are ongoing.

* Commissioner Scott wanted the conference to show more financial clarity and transparency between the revenue of the conference and the Pac-12 Networks.  

* Chancellor Philip DiStefano said more conference money is being allocated to the Health &Wellness funding to help conference student-athletes in the area of mental health.

* There was no update as it pertains to future bowl game arrangements or partnerships. Some announcement is expected by Pac-12 Media Day.  

Greg Katz
Greg Katz

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