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Q & A: Darreus Rogers

By Lizelle Brandt

Darreus, you have been having a great fall camp. Heard about that big one-handed catch. Can you talk about your performance so far in fall camp?

My performance I think has been great. Could do way better though. You know there’s a lot of room for work but coach Tee has been on me a ’cause he expects a lot from me. He doesn’t say much but I know what he expects out of me and I’m just trying to come out here to make his job easier, to make sure I’m gonna know everything I know and help the young dudes out.

How is it like having coach like Tee Martin, and how does it help in terms of your development?

Coach Tee, man, saw me grow as a young dude and ever since he’s known me from day one. He’s tough cause he knows what type of kid I am. He wants me to speak up and be a leader and things like that, so now I’m working on little things like that. Like speaking up and being a leader because I’m trying to play good, play well, building trust in me so I’ve been working on that.

Let’s talk a little more about leadership. You are a junior now, leadership as you mentioned is coming more into the play, what is it that you are doing differently now than you have before as a freshman or sophomore?

Aw man. I’m nose, face, all in that playbook. Learning every position and I wanna play, any position I can on the field to stay on there. And I’m sticking right next to JuJu, man. That dude right there is… He’s not normal, man. He’s a beast. I wanna be just like that. Me, him, and Steve stick together and keep it together and keep working.

Even with the departure of Nelson Agholor and George Farmer, there remains a good crop of capable receivers between you, JuJu Smith, Adoree Jackson, Ajene Harris, and Steven Mitchell. What does it mean to you to be on the same unit as these guys? How does it lift up your game?

Honestly it makes my job a lot easier. All them dudes you know, we’re focused, and I come out to the game. I’m like a sleeper and I get to go ahead and make my own one on one plays.

The team saw “Straight Outta Compton” this week. What did you think of that movie?

Great movie, my favorite movie. I’d see it like a thousand times if I could. So I’ll probably go see it again when camp’s over but man I love that type of movie from my city. It motivates me, makes me wanna do things too. No matter where you come from you can do big things.

On a related note, what is at the top of your music playlist, who do you listen to most these days?

I listen to Big Sean. Big Sean talks about the grind you know. Putting off the city and trying to help his family out. Those types of things are what I’m trying to do for my family. That’s funny you asked that ’cause I was listening to his whole album,”Dark Sky Paradise” and that had me going for the day.