What "the wait" has really been about!

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  1. What "the wait" has really been about!

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    If the reports are accurate that CCH is coming back, then my take is that "the wait" these past few days hasn't been about us interviewing Urban Meyer or Bob Stoops or James Franklin. The delay has been about Bohn putting pressure on CCH to find DC and ST replacements...and maybe negotiations have been ongoing with a new crop of assistant coach prospects.

    A special teams coach shouldn't be hard to find...in fact, any up-and-comer GA who is trying to work his way up a coaching ladder would be happy to coach ST at USC. Maybe we consider a Chris Claiborne, who is killing it at Calabassas HS and wants to be involved with our program. Or maybe we look outside our USC bubble, and search for a young grinder who will work his tail off in recruiting, and coach up sound ST techniques. Anybody but Baxter...he gone!

    Lots of posters arguing how hard it will be find to a "legit" DC or OC (if Harrell leaves)...there is a certain truth to that for sure. Well, last time I checked, we have an esteemed alum who has been sniffing around Heritage Hall the past couple of years, hoping to throw his name in the hat to be our next HC...JACK DEL RIO! Let Del Rio take over the defense, and let's see what kind of college defense coaching chops he has. He's a proud alum and committed to the university, AND more importantly he wants to prove that he's worthy of consideration to be our next HC. He also happens to be a well-respected DC in NFL coaching circles, for what he did with the Jags and as the Broncos DC.

    Lastly, anyone else notice the timing of the Graham Harrell stories about him considering a move to UT or other available positions? He's obviously got a smart agent, who saw the sharks circling and assistant coaching changes coming. Give him a pay raise and keep him and his system in place, at least for another year! I'd argue the Air Raid (even though it isn't the type of football USC fans expect and the type of offense that lends to toughness or even championships) was the best facet of our 2019 team. We've got the QB and WR's coming back, and no need to revamp that side of the ball, at least not in the interim.
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