What might have been....!

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    The outcome at the point of the Slovis injury was ANYTHING but decided....We had stopped Iowa on their last 1st half possession....We kicked a field goal to end the half and the score is 28-17.....Our first possession of the the send half was a quick touchdown....The score is 28-24......We recover and onside kick on a great call which played to the momentum factor ....We add a quick first down and we are inside Iowa territory....We were looking to score and take the lead.Do you think that Slovis would not have scored on that drive?????

    Slovis's departure was game changing ....You could see the air going out of our the team...Slovis had gotten us there and everybody knew it.......Your entire argument is that Helton is bad and you hate him......I am talking about the Iowa game and how a play can change the direction of the game.....If you played you would know that this can happen....and it did in that game.....!
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