WeAreSC Video: Keys to the Colorado game

Discussion in 'GarryP's Trojan Huddle' started by JohnnyCurren, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Basic football 101 game plan for USC on defense. Shut down the run and cover their best receiver(s) and make them one dimensional with consistent pressure on the QB. That's it! Colorado is not very dynamic. This will be a great chance for USC coaches and players to sharpen their fundamentals...Now about that shoddy USC clock management...

    Basic football 101 game plan on offense. First down success, and plenty of second down and third down conversions for first downs. Run some stretch plays to make their D-line chase and tire out trying to catch our RBs. Their big dude in the middle isn't going anywhere unless Connolly throws a mix of combo-blocks on him and everyone else on the line holds their own. Mix in high percentage passes to wideouts, tight ends, and running backs. If the deep pass opens up then take some shots with that. Sam has to finally connect on at least one deep pass this season for a TD. He's long long long overdue. That's not good. We'll see ;)

    Fight On!

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