USC - UCLA opener likely moving

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  1. USC - UCLA opener likely moving

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    It was pretty clear from the way Larry Scott talked about how the schedule is set up to allow for the games in the first two weeks to be postponed, and then made a little clearer when the USC and UCLA ADs releases a joint statement talking about how they understand the importance of the rivalry and are in complete agreement about how to approach it. But it’s just about a guarantee that game will be moved now, as Mike Bohn sent a letter to boosters and donors saying its likely it will be pushed back.

    I still would rather play the game right up front, but understand completely the difficulty both programs face in getting ready for a game on Sept. 26, as well as the desire to save the rivalry game until the end of the season.

    I’m basing my thought on the disappointment I’d feel if the game is postponed simply due to wanting to play it at the end, and then either one team not being able to play it on its rescheduled date or a number of important players being held out due to quarantine. Of course, there’s also the chance that the early games could more likely be open to chaos as everybody figures out the protocols and maybe it’s smoother sailing later in the year.

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