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Discussion in 'Other USC Sports' started by trackdude, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Oct 24, 2018
    Trackdude, what’s the outlook for the track team this coming year? Women will be strong again, but how about the men?
    And have you ever heard why we have a non-competitive women’s cross country team?
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    Oct 25, 2018
    I'm not Trackdude but I'm a staunch SC track fan from the '60's and I follow the team closely. In terms of the Women, even with the loss of some key athletes such as Kendall Ellis, etc. SC will be very strong in the sprints (addition of Lauren Raine Williams is a big plus), relays, hurdles, jumps and possibly 800. If we can stay healthy, we'll have a definite shot at another national championship.

    For the Men, with both Michael Norman and Rai Benjamin going pro, this will (I think) be a rebuilding year. We'll be strong in the sprints, high jump, throws and young potential in the hurdles, multi-events and perhaps relays. The 800 might also turn out to be a good event for us as well.

    In terms of cross country, I've had some communication with our distance/cross country coach. This is a long term effort to build up the team over time. We've recruited some quality 800 runners as a potential foundation for success. I would assume that they are hopeful of recruiting some international distance stars to make us more competitive in the conference. We'll see.
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    mfortroy has the goods. We were a man or two short last year with the men (having Cunningham & Sloan could’ve been the difference), but without a Norman or Benjamin the men have to have everyone score. Everyone! That's a tall order.

    The women are in the hunt. We gotta stay healthy.

    Oh, as for X/C I don't know. Being an urban school does add to the difficulty for distances.
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