So let’s give Dough the benefit of the doubt

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    Not with my $$$
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    Oh, fan-fiction! Here's mine.

    It's September 2020, and USC has just played Alabama in the first game of the season. As predicted by many, USC gets smoked. Afterwards, thoroughly impressed by Alabama's dominance, and Saban's owning of the USC coaching staff, Helton is humiliated by what looks to become another disappointing season. Helton finally realizes he has no clue of how to build a dominant team. "You might not escape this time", he says to himself. He is defeated.

    Later that evening, he finds himself on the tarmac at DFW, as he's about to board the flight home. He spots Alabama's chartered plane off in the distance. Helton goes into a brief daze....

    "I really don't know what I'm doing....." he ponders. "I suck at coaching football", he says out loud. He feels lost....

    With a sudden shock of clarity, Helton has an epiphany. He knows what he must do. "Saban has the answers", he thinks to himself....

    Helton bolts off, away from his team's charter, running towards Saban's plane. As he approaches, he yells up to the plane, waving his arms wildly in the air. "Saban! Take me with you! You took Lane! And Cutty! Take me!".

    After a few monents, Saban is finally alerted by some of his players to the scene unfolding outside his plane. In disbelief, Saban shakes his head at the display. Unfortunately for Helton, Saban has had enough of taking on USC coaching cast-offs, and he has already promised himself to never to do so again. Saban shakes his head in pitty, closes the window blind, and closes his eyes and he places headphones on his head.

    Outside the Alabama plane, Helton eventually falls to the ground in a heap, wondering what to do. Its a sight of a defeated man. "Saban doesn't want me.", he realizes. After a few moments, he gets up off the ground, wipes his hands on his khakis, and begins slowly walking back towards his team's plane. He remembers back to the days when Lane Kiffin was fired from USC, when Helton wasn't sure he'd have a job after that eventful season.

    "Truck driving sounds pretty good right now", he says to himself. He remembers back to a years-ago visit to some of his extended football family in Kentucky, he came across a business card for a truck driving school pinned to the lobby wall of a motel 6. He had fondly considering the simplicity of living and working on the open road. He saved the card in his wallet, where it remained until this day. He finds the forgotten, but somehow always present, card from his wallet, and stares at it for a few moments, reading the card several times. "Willis Truck Driving School. Faith, Family, Freedom on the Road." Something about the card, and the message, resonates with Helton. "Yes sir", he says to himself. Helton smiles, and dials the phone number on the card.

    Helton never does coach another game at USC.

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    We are USC. Biggest name on the West Coast.

    Therefore our name will always be mentioned no matter what until it gets the point that the recruits don't think about us.
    This is hard so we will always be negatively recruited so we will be relevant even if it is with negative attention.

    I think we need to bring in someone who knows how to build a team by evaluating talent....

    Evaluation is the key. Think we need someone with NFL experience.

    I see it with Herm Edwards at Arizona State. They might not be too far off from becoming a dangerous team.

    It is through evaluation and development.

    There is so much talent in the PAC 12 and mainly Southern California just need the right guy

    No it isn't Meyer. Meyer is being used as bait. Doesn't want the job.

    Sometimes it isn't bringing in the highly rated recruits either. They don't equal success.
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