Is Texas special election a canary in the GOP's coal mine?

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  1. Is Texas special election a canary in the GOP's coal mine?
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    Apr 13, 2021
    Interesting topic (to me).

    I am not endorsing the article, just the topic.


    KNOCKING ON WOOD: If the special election in Texas is any indication for 2022, the GOP’s ongoing identity crisis will leave it with a real mixed-bag of candidates in upcoming federal races.

    Take Michael Wood, who has staked out a position far different from the 22 other GOP candidates in a special election to fill the seat of the late Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas): He is campaigning against Trumpism, which he hopes will save him rather than be a death sentence, as it....
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    Apr 13, 2021
    This is just my own opinion of the current G.O.P.

    The G.O.P. will fail in elections overall if they do not embrace the new America First, M.A.G.A, Trump and Tea party initiated movement that is everywhere. The feckless G.O.P. cowards always hid behind wordy platitudes that amounted to nothing but lip service and business as usual. Trumps rough shod approach to politics cracked open the rotten egg called the G.O.P. and has been exposing the R.I.N.O.s and traitorous hypocrites ever since.

    Republican controlled state legislatures in swing states that stuck their heads in the ground (with their butts in the air) and allowed a fraudulent election to run its course speaks to the do nothing G.O.P. that barks loudly then curs in the corner when real action is required. Pence the ever pure Christian Republican headed for the hills when he was presented with the ability to stop a fraudulent election. Many others ,the likes of Kemp in Georgia, McCarthy in the house, McConnell in the senate, Romney in the senate, Barr at D.O.J., and the following partial list of past and present G.O.P. unreliable mouth movers have all abandoned their oaths of office.

    The movement Trump has started can save America, the United States Constitution, and the ideals of liberty and justice for all if they can convince the "G.O.P. good old boy, business as usual members" that the Republican party can become the strongest most successful political party in the history of the United States while, at the same time, saving America as it was intended to be by the founders. Folding the blue collar middle America worker, hard striving minorities, and real patriots of America's "Trumpism, America First, M.A.G.A." movement into the Republican Party would be the doom of the left wing radical movement and the deep state new world order corporate and globalist supporters.

    Donate directly to M.A.G.A., America First, conservative U.S. Constitutional proven candidates and not to the Republican National Committee or their affiliates. Then, someone hand the smelling salts over to the anti America First R.I.N.O.'s and feckless G.O.P. and see if any are still awake.

    Kelly Ayotte, Senator of New Hampshire
    Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama
    Jaime Herrera Beutler, Representative of Washington
    Bradley Byrne, Representative of Alabama
    Jason Chaffetz, Representative of Utah
    Mike Coffman, Representative of Colorado
    Barbara Comstock, Representative of Virginia
    Michael D. Crapo, Senator of Idaho
    Dennis Daugaard, Governor of South Dakota
    Rodney Davis, Representative of Illinois
    Deb Fischer, Senator of Nebraska
    Jeff Flake, Senator of Arizona
    Jeff Fortenberry, Representative of Nebraska
    Darryl Glenn, Running for Senate from Colorado
    Cory Gardner, Senator of Colorado
    Scott Garrett, Representative of New Jersey
    Kay Granger, Representative of Texas
    Cresent Hardy, Representative of Nevada
    Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee
    Joe Heck, Representative of Nevada, running for Senate
    Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah
    Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Former governor of Utah
    Will Hurd, Representative of Texas
    David Jolly, Representative of Florida
    John Kasich, Governor of Ohio
    John Katko, Representative of New York
    Steve Knight, Representative of California
    Mike Lee, Senator of Utah
    Frank A. LoBiondo, Representative of New Jersey
    Mia Love, Representative of Utah
    Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico
    John McCain, Senator of Arizona
    Patrick Meehan, Representative of Pennsylvania
    Lisa Murkowski, Senator of Alaska
    George E. Pataki, Former governor of New York
    Erik Paulsen, Representative of Minnesota
    Tim Pawlenty, Former governor of Minnesota
    Rob Portman, Senator of Ohio
    Martha Roby, Represenative of Alabama
    Tom Rooney, Representative of Florida
    Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada
    Mike Simpson, Representative of Idaho
    Chris Stewart, Representative of Utah
    Dan Sullivan, Senator of Alaska
    John Thune, Senator of South Dakota and chairman of the Republican Conference
    Fred Upton, Representative of Michigan
    Ann Wagner, Representative of Missouri
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    Apr 13, 2021
    It just might be that world affaires, China, Russia, aggression/expansion and weakness at home will have a greater effect on future elections than all the Left political machine and/or the MAGA crowd put together. We could easily be in a shooting war over Taiwan in the near future. Which political party will have the advantage in that event ?
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  4. Jim McNeil

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    Apr 13, 2021
    With 22 candidates representing 1 doctrine and 1 candidate representing a different doctrine, the canary will only show us how to water down one voting block and magnify another.
  5. Trojan YAF

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    Apr 13, 2021
    That happened in California in 1986, when Sen. Alan Cranston was up for re-election. Cranston looked vulnerable and the seat seemed ripe for a GOP pickup.

    So 11 conservatives and one liberal, Rep. Ed Zschau (rhymes, appropriately, with Mao) ran in the primary. The conservatives split up the conservative vote and Zschau won the nomination, even though he got about a third of the vote. Cranston coasted to re-election as conservatives voted third party, voted Democrat, or stayed home.
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