Helton is a man of no integrity

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  1. Helton is a man of no integrity

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    I’ve worked in education for most of my life. There are those exceptional teachers who can take an average student and elevate them bringing out a love of learning and maximizing their potential. The vast majority of teachers who do their job and do it well. Unexceptional, but working to let the student's talents show. Then there are those rare teachers who are so inept they actually hurt the progress and diminish the potential of their students. Clay Helton is one of these teachers.

    Imagine a writing teacher who is consistently given the brightest and hardest working students at the school. The students with the academic potential to go to the most prestigious universities in America. Only this teacher is so bad at their job the students leave their class worse off. Due to the teachers poor teaching and organization they lack the fundamentals to succeed at the next level. Yes, there are those ultra talented kids who can overcome this, but most do not and will never be what they could have been.

    Wouldn’t a teacher with integrity step down? The Integrity of the administrators would demand that they remove this teacher. How could this teacher live with themselves when the evidence shows their hurting their students?

    It’s offensive to hear Bohn speak of “integrity” when addressing why he kept Helton. It’s a slap in the face anyone who has ever worked with young people. USC’s core mission should be to help it’s student (and student-athletes) reach potentials they didn’t know were possible.

    Helton might have great integrity as a husband. I don’t know. Maybe he’s dad of the year. Again, I have zero knowledge of this. What I do know is he’s a terrible coach with no integrity in his chosen profession. Integrity demands that he step down.
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