Facts behind Trojan Stats (from Rich Ruben)

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    If you look inside the #'s, Bibby's 2001 team is impressive. They beat Kentucky in the sweet 16, the only time SC has won 3 tourney games. They had a starting lineup with 5 very good players and it was impressive when they were firing on all cylinders. They each brought a special skill set and meshed very well. Bluthenthal had (6) 3's, the all-time best long distance shooting performance in SC history. Impressive, as it was in front of a hostile pro-Wildcat crown in the East regional. Trepagnier had 4 steals. And Clancy, Scalabrine, Granville all did their thing. But we ran into Duke in the Elite 8 and they won the title. Duke beat the bRuins on that same day in the East Regional and can you imagine if the bRuins would have beat Duke.
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    Thanks Rich. Among other things, I took away that, yes the defense was excellent last year (going to be hard to replace Jonah and Big O), and the attendance was sad.

    One thing you didn't touch on was the free throw shooting, which was appalling. Misses often came at key points. It's really hard to believe that a free-throw shooting expert like Enfield can't impart at least some of his ability into the players. These guys have grown up playing basketball every day. Shooting free throws should not be something they are afraid of. I hate to digress but I always found that the key to free throw shooting was, don't ever go to any basketball court and not practice them.

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