Angel Viscarra's weekly hoops update and interview with Nick Rakocevic

Discussion in 'USC Hoops' started by AngelViscarra, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Excellent interview Angel. I hope you don't take the lack of response to your videos personally. You do a great job and I'm not alone in that opinion. The truth is, we will follow the SC football team's every move through thick and thin. With basketball, it's easy for a lot of us to become disinterested when the team continues to play so poorly at the end of games. Most of us expected this experienced, talented team to do a lot better. After all, they were ranked number 10 pre-season.

    That said, I have two questions you may or may not be able to answer.

    1) Are all the SC practices at jogging pace like the video you showed? If so, it's no wonder they're not tough in tough situations. It could also explain why they get a little sloppy on offense and appear to be a step slow on defense when the pace picks up.

    2) Why does Enfield try to milk clock at the end of games? It's obvious it doesn't work, either due to the Trojans' style of play or Enfield not teaching them how to do it.

    Thanks whether you are able to answer these questions or not. Either the basketball team gets it together or we will be waiting for spring football.

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