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5 Questions with Adoree’ Jackson

USC two-way athlete Adoree’ Jackson took part in the Thursday practice at wide receiver, after being at cornerback during the opening practice of spring earlier in the week. It’s part of the plan that Trojan coach Steve Sarkisian will implement, at least through the first couple weeks of spring, to take a further look at Jackson on both sides of the ball.

WeAreSC: Tell us about this schedule and how things will work in spring.

Jackson: Basically I’ll do a few practices all day on offense and then a few practices all day on defense. We’re trying to balance it out so that I can spend a full day at each spot getting my mental reps in and focus on one spot at a time rather than trying to get my mental work in on both spots on the same day.

WeAreSC: It sounds like there is a lot of focus on the mental development in spring.

Jackson: I think it’s easier this way, I get to work one practice on offense and then one on defense. In the fall when the game time comes everything should be clicking because I’ll know everything we’re supposed to be doing.

WeAreSC: Talk about how that is helped by being in the second year under coach Sarksisian as you and the team know his system better.

Jackson: The workload does get easier as you get more comfortable. As my freshman year went along I got more comfortable and now I’m starting to be the vet. As a team, we know what our mentality is now, the attitude we’re coming with, we’re all on the same page. We were last year but you didn’t see it as much in terms of everything coming together as a team. Now we’re ready to get the job done.

WeAreSC: You hear a lot of players talk about the first off-season in college as one that they really notice a change in training with a strength and conditioning program. What have you noticed this year?

Jackson: In high school when football was done I went straight into track and just went to the track and ran. I realized the difference this year in the off-season training that is still for football, I’m doing track but I’m also doing football workouts and I think that’s going to help me develop for my sophomore year.

WeAreSC: How are you looking to handle the football and track duties over the remainder of spring?

Jackson: I’m going to keep doing the same workload-wise but we’re going to monitor my body and make sure we take care of things because we don’t want to push things too much.

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