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Ronnie Bradford talks corners

USC defensive backs coach Ronnie Bradford, who primarily handles corners, gave a mid-point of spring talk on how his guys were doing, and it ended up slanted toward praise for Biggie Marshall.

“Who is standing out so far in spring?”

“Iman Marshall (photo above). He’s always been a hard worker but now it’s his understanding of the little things and looking to get better every time he hits the field. When a guy starts to watch himself to find what he can correct, that’s maturity, and that’s where Biggie is right now. He doesn’t grab like he used to when he was younger. That’s the sign of so many young players these days, they just don’t want to get beat deep so they grab. Now he doesn’t grab, he turns to look for the ball to make a play. He’s also taking more of a leadership role, he was able to sit back when he was younger with guys like Adoree’ but guys are looking to him now and he’s embracing that role.”

“Who is taking advantage of Jackie Jones being out?”

“Greg Johnson. That’s the first guy I think of.

“Isaiah Langley has the experience, he knows how to do it.

“To see Jonathan Lockett out there flying around, he’s always been smart, he’s making plays and has a bounce in his step.

“I also want to mention Chase Williams. Great attitude, he’s still developing and can’t tell his right from his left but he wants to be tested out there and I like that.”

“You’re mentioning a lot of guys, and that’s not even counting the two freshmen coming in the fall. Will that allow you to rotate more guys in the line-up?”

“When you have a lack of depth at corner it really hurts, especially in this conference, and we have depth now. When you’re playing corner you have to get a break every once in a while. I can monitor my guys and know when they need to come out, it’s not always my decision but we have those options now.”

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