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Rector “trending in good direction” to play on Saturday

Clay Helton talked in his post-practice press session on Thursday about Christian Rector, who has missed recent weeks with a hand injury but who practiced today:

“Christian Rector was able to practice today, he wrapped up his hand in a club, got some work, and will be a game time decision. At this point I think the only way he wouldn’t play is if he feels uncomfortable. The two things I always ask is did the doctors clear him and how does the kid feel. The doctors have cleared him but if he doesn’t feel comfortable or confident I’m not going to put him out there. I’d rather lose 1,000 games than to ever put a kid in a bad position. So those are the two things I always go by. Right now he’s not feeling any pain so we’re going to take tomorrow and Saturday to rest him, warm him up on Saturday and see where we’re at. He actually got some good conditioning work in this week, and practiced today, and this is what we’ve been planning for to hope he could be back for this game. And if it’s not this week, it’s definitely next week, he’s trending in a very positive direction. He actually wanted to work today with the club on his hand to see how he could function with that. I don’t think he’s ever had a hand injury to play with one before but I’ve coached plenty of guys in my 23 years who played with them and we just played against a guy on Arizona last week who used one. It’s just a way to be extra protective of the hand, it’s structurally sound but there are things, protecting fingers, things like that.”

Other injury news
“Uchenna Nwosu also practiced today and looked good. Toa (Lobendahn) got some work in and we’re expecting him to be ready for the game, just protecting him. Tyler Petite got work and that looks positive for Saturday. Biggie is moving around and I’m hoping he can give us some reps in a limited role to try and get some confidence and conditioning back with that knee. He’s starting to look like his old self and if needed I think he could go out there and help us. All other injuries are status quo”