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Pete’s Arboblog: Pounding the Waves

from Pete Arbogast, the voice of the Trojans:

A beautiful day at Cromwell yesterday as we got back to it. I understand tomorrow will be quite warm. Saturday at the Coliseum, too, but they moved it to 9 am so it shouldn’t matter.

As the coach said afterwards, the players all looked like they were nicely rested and also very ready to go. Garry and I talked about how this team appears to be the football equivalent of basketball gym rats—they just want to play ball al the time, and they seem to have more enthusiasm than last year’s bunch….and not in a fake way. They seem to really enjoy being out there. Lots of yelling and lots of hard work. This is a good thing!


So, too was the revelation of the first batch of damning NCAA emails and notes being released to the public in the wake of the recent ruling in the Bush/McNair/USC case.

And these are the ones the NCAA didn’t mind releasing first. Imagine what else there is!

Certainly we have “moved on” in a classy and professional manner. It seems to me after talking with many SC fans and media guys, that at the very least, the wins will be re-instated, Reggie may be welcomed back into the fold, and there might be some fines being repaid to the University.

How about an apology?

Many are hoping for lifetime bans from further NCAA office holding and decision making for those involved. Don’t hold your breath on those last two items.

This might be the beginning however, of the death prattle for the organization that is simply being bombarded in print and other media lately (did you see Bryant Gumble’s piece on HBO?).

Me? I know better than to pick on the NCAA.   Their reach is long and powerful. I stay out of the political scene. After all, my job is simply to call the games, entertain and inform the listener.

Still, as a fan as well, it’s hard not to like seeing the truth come to light.


Good baseball win over Pepperdine, and the women’s sand volleyball team moves into the number one spot in the country with a win over the Waves as well.

Fight On!

Garry Paskwietz

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