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Pete’s Arboblog: Combine edition

from Pete Arbogast, the voice of the Trojans

Is it just me, or does the NFL Draft get later and later in the year. I mean, we’re still two solid months away and how many pro days and made-for-TV NFL combine events can one watch. (I know, some of you watch every second of every one of them—pretend I never said anything!)

My interest went way up when it was reported that Leonard Williams stock had risen so much that he, again, is being talked about as a possible #1 overall pick. I think it might be a stretch, mainly because the two teams on top need quarterbacks.

I would not touch Jameis Winston. He has been a writhing mass of trouble for as long as we’ve known about the guy, and I don’t care what his “football IQ” is, everyone I know thinks he’s likely gonna stay trouble (and probably worse trouble) when he gets in the league and makes more money than he already might.

Mariota is a good fit provided you run the right kind of offense. But you can never go wrong with a guy with a high motor, good skills and talent that can chase down the bad guys and put ‘em away. Let’s hope.

I heard Nelson hurt himself and hasn’t been able to show as well as he might like, but being a probable second or third round pick (receivers being who they are in the draft usually), he probably won’t suffer much if any financially.

Buck has wowed ‘em, too, and his draft stock is rising. I haven’t heard word one about the other SC early entries.

One thing I am truly excited about is that this time next week we will have real football to watch on campus as spring ball gets going, and that means we are on the way towards the 2015 season. Can’t wait.


Basketball, on the other hand….

The team wasn’t doing much then injuries took a toll, and now we sort of sit back and hope they can win maybe a few games before the season comes to a grinding halt. Next year, with a good incoming class, plus the return of virtually the entire talented group of freshmen and sophs means an improvement is on the way. Two years from now should be quite good, and in three years, if it all works out right……

The Volleyball and tennis teams are going great, and the baseball team is undefeated including a win over CS Fullerton, and ranked in the national top 30. How do you do!!??

Women’s golf, sand volleyball, rowing and water polo are all top five teams in the country. It ought to be a good spring.


Tough days in the radio business lately for some great people.

But when Doc on the Roq gets canned because someone, somewhere, somehow thinks no one gets their news and sports updates from the radio. Of course, you can’t access that information, by law, from your mobile device.

The Doc WAS the Roq! It’s like the Dodgers firing Scully. Lisa May got the heave-ho as well. Several other friends got axed from various spots this past week.

I feel terrible for all of them, and wish there was something I could do to help alleviate their fears and worries. Keep a good thought for all.


Believe it or not, I got an email asking me to MC an event this FALL!! An SC-Ucla event. That made me laugh (I accepted) and feel great that the season will be upon us before you know it.

Hey, speaking of the season, The Coach, Harvey Hyde has his show at Settebello restaurant in Pasadena this Thursday at 7, and I’ll be the guest of honor talking SC football. If you didn’t know the place has really good pizza, and is owned by former Trojan QB Brad Otton. Come on by. It’ll be great being on the air with HH again during the off-season.


Secret pleasure—I like watching the UEFA champions league soccer games.


I LOVE when students rush the court or field. Just don’t bother the other team players and coaches. Not cool.


Fight On!

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