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O/NSO: The Friendlier Skies edition

The Obvious: USC held its groundbreaking ceremony Monday for the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum renovation and unveiled a new official naming title for one of the nation’s most recognizable venues. Welcome to the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. Oh, and by the way, it’s located in Los Angeles or at least that’s what the marble lettering still reads atop the peristyle end and below the torch.

The Not So Obvious: Now seriously, how do you take the name Los Angeles out of the official Coliseum title without any sense of moral obligation or city pride? Ah, no problem. After all, nobody calls LAX by its formal title, Los Angeles International Airport. The elimination of the name “Los Angeles” by the Coliseum begs the question: What city icons left actually have the name “Los Angeles” in its title, anyway?

The Obvious: The new United Airlines Memorial Coliseum deal is a 16-year, $69-million investment.

The Not So Obvious: Well, is it only a matter of time before the grass playing surface is auctioned off for the title of LAX Field?

The Obvious: One of the Coliseum’s biggest icons and traditions is the torch that resides high atop the peristyle end.

The Not So Obvious: So, why not remove the historic torch in the peristyle end and replace it with a modernized, glitzy control tower that lights up between the third and fourth quarter?

The Obvious: Parking has always been an issue for those attending USC home football games.

The Not So Obvious: Thanks to the United Airlines naming rights, Trojans fans at Coliseum home game will now have the option of short term and long-term parking.

The Obvious: The Coliseum is always looking for new food and snack options.

The Not So Obvious: Thanks to United Airlines, Trojan fans will find honey roasted peanuts or salted pretzels placed in their new cup holders prior to each home game.

The Obvious: On the outside of the peristyle end of the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum, there are two iconic naked athletic figures.

The Not So Obvious: Is it only a matter of time before those figures are placed with statues of the Wright Brothers.

The Obvious: A Coliseum tradition is a military “flyover” during the National Anthem.

The Not So Obvious: How about a United Airlines commercial plane flyover the Coliseum or perhaps even a landing on LAX Field.  

The Obvious: There is no more iconic sight than the famous USC Songs Girls performing during games.

The Not So Obvious: Is it possible the USC Song Girls in the future will be wearing United flight attendant uniforms?

The Obvious: Many airlines have rewards air mileage programs.

The Not So Obvious: Maybe Trojans fans can get United Airline reward miles if fans obtain a Trojans Athletic Fund membership.

The Obvious: There is no more iconic mascot in college football than Traveler, the Trojans’ famous horse.

The Not So Obvious: Perhaps after every USC touchdown, a miniature 757 drone can fly above Traveler as the horse prances the Coliseum turf after Trojan touchdown.  

The Obvious: And finally, maneuvering through the Coliseum security gates can take up to 45 minutes.

The Not So Obvious: To speed up the process, can we now expect having a fast-moving “TSA” line?

Greg Katz

Now entering his 59th season of either writing, broadcasting, or just plain watching USC football, WeAreSC columnist Greg Katz began his affiliation with the website back in 2001, introducing his well-received O/NSO (The Obvious/The Not So Obvious) column and later adding his respected IMHO Sunday opinion and tidbits column. Greg, a former ESPN.com college football columnist covering USC, is also a member of the Football Writer's Association of America. He is also known in Southern California as a professional public address announcer, having called the the 1996 Rose Bowl Game between USC and Northwestern. Greg also holds a master's degree in athletic administration and was a former varsity high school coach of 27 years.

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