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    May 17, 2018
    2017-2018 Women’s tennis team had a tough season, ranked 50th in the nation, and did not qualify for the NCAA championships. I’ve followed women’s tennis for a long time. Since the rankings started 1982; I think this is USC’s lowest year end rankings?

    Something is not adding up in scholarships. All Division 1 schools are allowed only 8 full rides (no partials) on their roster. There were 8 girls on the 2017/18 roster (-) less 2 departing seniors = 6 returning. USC added 5 new girls for next season (S. Ewing, E. Jaeger, D. Wilson, A. Mayo and A. Neffa). 6 + 5 = 11 players, that means USC will be over by 3 rides? Could it be that 3 players from the 2017/18 roster are not returning?

    Can anyone share information with the scholarship numbers? Very curious what’s going on with the women’s tennis program…
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