While You Were Away...

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    …the USC women’s soccer team continued their journey thru the regular season to see what fortunes await them at the end.

    The first match was a disappointment, not just because they lost at home, but also because the loss, 2-3, was to Stanford, resulting in their only loss to date. SC cannot accept the notion that losing to Stanford is the natural order of things. SC was up 2 – 1 in the first half before giving up (as at Baylor) two quick goals in the first half. The coach must do something about this, either by recruiting better players or working on the players’ psyche. I hate to see us constantly lose to Stanford and UCLA even when they are not necessarily better.

    They are currently ranked #4 in the country (2nd in conference) and Stanford #2 nationally and #1 in the Pac XII. UCLA is CURRENTLY with the bottom feeders and justifiably expecting to rise.

    The trip thru Arizona brought better news as both desert rivals were subdued on their home fields. Junior Tara McKeown and sophomore Penelope Hocking are USC’s one-two punch, providing more than half the goals so far. USC is arrayed at home against the mountain schools this week with Utah coming in first. The Utah match was an overtime 2 – 1 (1 – 1 after 90 minutes) victory, both goals coming from (who else?) McKeown. Her second goal to end the overtime was a well-taken 25-yard freekick after she was fouled outside the “18”. The shot went around the human wall and into the net as the Utah keeper tried in vain to parry the shot away.

    Without having gone thru official stats, it appears the Trojans have a narrower margin of victories this season compared to last, giving up more goals and scoring fewer. This is probably partly due to graduation (Leah Pruitt, Ally Prisock) and injuries (Savanah DeMelo, keeper Kaylie Collins)

    Colorado marches in Sunday. The crowd was disappointingly sparse just like the UCLA/Colorado match especially when you consider that these are two national caliber teams and there were no weather issues to blame. I know it has nothing to do with the cost of admission.

    Meanwhile, there’s good news of sorts if you are one of those Trojans who enjoy a Bruin loss as much or more than a Trojan win. (I’ve occasionally found myself in that camp). UCLA has suffered some major setbacks, losing to Cal and Arizona State before woman-handling Arizona in conference matches. The voters have been unforgiving, dropping them to #22. In fairness, they may have been undone by players who are out playing for their national teams. Trust them to give us a tough game at their home turf, November 8. Maybe it’s me, but they always seem to come to these encounters with more desire and energy than us.

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