USC wins 2018-19 Crosstown Cup over UCLA

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  1. USC wins 2018-19 Crosstown Cup over UCLA

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    (USC press release)

    LOS ANGELES--For the 11th time in the competition's 18 years, USC has captured the Crosstown Cup, the annual head-to-head all-sports contest with crosstown rival UCLA.

    USC clinched the Crosstown Cup after defeating UCLA this past weekend in women's rowing. That gave the Trojans 105 points in the competition to the Bruins' 85 points. At least 100 points were needed to clinch the 2018-19 version of the Crosstown Cup.

    Each of the 19 sports in which both USC and UCLA field teams counts for 10 points. All 10 points for a sport are awarded to the winner of the most head-to-head contests in that sport (if both schools win an equal amount of matchups in a sport, the 10 points are split). The highest finisher in Pacific-12 or Mountain Pacific Sports Federation championship play determines who gets the 10 points in sports that do not feature a head-to-head competition between the schools.  

    USC captured 10 points each in this season’s competition in women’s volleyball, men’s water polo, men’s volleyball, women’s swimming, women’s track, women’s golf, women’s water polo and women’s rowing. The Trojans also added 5 points each in men’s basketball, women’s basketball, men’s tennis, women’s tennis and women’s beach volleyball.

    USC’s Crosstown Cup win, its eighth in the past 12 years, ends a 2-year reign by UCLA.

    "Congratulations to all of our student-athletes and coaches for their hard work and outstanding performances in helping USC claim our 11th Crosstown Cup," said USC athletic director Lynn Swann. "The USC-UCLA rivalry is the best in college athletics, with two universities of such noted academic and athletic excellence sharing the same city, and the Crosstown Cup means a lot to both schools and our fans. USC is proud to once again be the Crosstown Cup champion."

    The winner of the Crosstown Cup alternated for the first 6 years of the competition. After USC captured the inaugural trophy in 2001-02, UCLA won it in 2002-03, USC recaptured it in 2003-04, UCLA won it back in 2004-05, USC claimed it in 2005-06 and then UCLA won it in 2006-07. USC then went on a 5-year winning run from 2007-08 to 2011-12 before UCLA won it in 2012-13. USC claimed it back in 2013-14 before the Bruins took possession in 2014-15. USC won it in 2015-16 before UCLA had it the past 2 years, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

    2018-19 Scoring: USC 105, UCLA 85

    Football: UCLA – 10
    Women’s Volleyball: USC – 10
    Women’s Soccer: UCLA – 10
    Men’s Water Polo: USC – 10
    Women’s Cross Country: UCLA – 10
    Men’s Basketball: Both -- 5
    Women’s Basketball: Both -- 5
    Men’s Volleyball: USC – 10
    Women’s Swimming: USC – 10
    Women’s Rowing: USC – 10
    Baseball: UCLA – 10
    Men’s Track and Field: UCLA – 10 Women’s Track and Field: USC – 10
    Men’s Golf: UCLA – 10
    Women’s Golf: USC – 10
    Men’s Tennis: Both – 5
    Women’s Tennis: Both -- 5
    Women’s Water Polo: USC – 10
    Women’s Beach Volleyball: Both – 5
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    Still can’t believe fucla picked up 10 points in football. Can’t believe how average Helton is. Pathetic

    In fact our men’s teams as a whole got whooped up on. Thank goodness for those talented ladies carrying USC.
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    And the beat (down) goes on
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