USC spring ball is about the journey, not the destination (from Skyler Trepel)

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    Thanks Skyler for the write up. I heard a similar version from another writer and their take on Doege’s comments. Although it seems like Seth is trying to be positive, it sounds like he is just promoting his boss that promoted him.
    Time is critical and there is the mental and physical preparation for practices. Essentially the mental has to translate to physical execution. If we were on a lifelong journey that philosophy may make sense, but in reality you are on a condensed time schedule and things need to be compact and precise to maximize time spent on the field.
    Seth also tries to make excuses for the Oline development. We have 4 returning starters that have been in Harrell’s system for over 2 years. Orlando did not even have a spring practice last year to implement his own system not to mention integrating new coaches and his defense is out performing the offense.
    My take is Seth needs to stop spewing excuses and philosophy and get to coaching. No need to suck up to Harrell as he already got promoted, but actions speak louder then words. No more excuses for under performance. Prep the kids so they can execute on the field rather then making excuses for them.
    I know you are reporting based on his commentary, but Seth needs to start executing versus explaining why things are not happening. Just my 2 cents.
    Keep up the great work!
    Fight On!
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    Yes, I agree with Doege that positioning the team and the players for future success is the most important thing about spring ball. However, some of his rhetoric is a bit concerning, like saying "the spring day is not about winning." I disagree - it should always be about winning. Fostering a competitive attitude needs to be first and foremost, IMO.
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