Trump gaffe of the day, delay the election

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    OK, the project is back on autopilot for now. Every time I take a couple days off, everything seems to go off the rails. Question for Dancer, how was Dr. Anthony Fauci ever "muzzled by Trump?" Fauci has been to the podium every time he wanted to be there and was allowed to contradict himself several times. If ever there was a time for a POTUS to muzzle someone, this would have been it with Fauci's control and influence over national policy and the efficacy of our system fighting this China virus pandemic. But Fauci has caused much confusion and misdirection of national and local assets, and unfortunately probably lives. I know he loves the spotlight, but most of that is controlled by ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC [prolly include PBS in that list] who have clear agendas and Fauci has been putty in their hands. I would even agree with those who complain that he is an unprofessional slack jaw that really needs to be more careful with his words in this pandemic. His comments always cut both ways but are variable. On one hand he supports liberal's demands to keep the economy and schools and sports shut down. On the other hand, he has said hook up aps are OK and protests are OK and schools should not shut down. Instead of politics, he should have been matter of fact and spoke only regarding medical facts and nothing more.

    As for chaos, imagine how much less there would be if left wing Dems would abide by the law and stop undermining what we have relied on to keep our society civilized. You know, like stop being hypocrits as they send law enforcement after churches while telling these same cops to allow riots. Haven't they demonstrated that there is no reason for all the social distancing after all? If not, how not? How do you presume to have it both ways? By telling me protests are peaceful? They are not, and if they were, it wouldn't accomplish that. I know Dems operate on the assumption that Americans are stupid, but the in-our-face contradictions only make people distrust them all the more - well except the 29.4% Democrats that would always vote for whatever one eyed cyclops they nominate. But I digress.

    Do you really think this insane self-contradictory rhetoric will convince anyone that Trump is the cause of the chaos and that Biden would suddenly make it go away if only he were elected? You also cannot hijack the China virus pandemic to suggest that it is "the Trump virus." China created this virus and unleashed it on us, and we are holding China to account and taking them to task. Obama did no such thing over the H1N1 virus they unleashed on us. Do you want to go back to the days of China manipulating and taking advantage of us?

    As often sadly is the case, we should examine what would happen if we were to allow Democrats to get everything they want. Let them get their way and take over all aspects of govt at all levels. Have you ever thought about that given these insane demands? Even the Dem leadership doesn't want that, as they have often admitted that they make wildly excessive demands to force Republicans past the middle in a compromise effort. Beyond that, the absurd contradictions are stark if you understand the pretzel the Dems expect voters to contort into.

    They want/demand us to think that Trump worked with Russians to steal the election, when it was Trump's opponent who was so motivated by Russia that she embarrassed the United States with her "reset button" stolen from the sauna at the Intercontinental in Geneva. She did so in such haste she presented Lavrov with a misspelled perezagruzka label [which was an insult spelled as she did "peregruzka"] -- it was her best effort to kowtow to Russian demands. Things didn't go to well after that did they [Crimea/Syria] ? You remember that right? We are still feeling the effects of that botched relationship with Russia trashing the INF Treaty, propping up the DPRK, Venezuela, Iran, etc etc.

    Closer to home, what if we gave you everything you wanted? No more police, or fire the white ones and keep the black ones on half the budget is one of my favorites. You have seen how homicides and other violent crimes are up already in Minneapolis and New York after these stand down and defund efforts have taken place? That didn't take long did it? Imagine four years of that. No one would be safe in any metro area in the US.

    AS for the violence and chaos, what do you/they want? There seems to be no consistent, reasonable, cogent, actionable demand. Why? Because your people working with "antifa" have already gotten what you want. Chaos. Why? How does that advance your cause? Intelligent people can see that the federal police did not cause it to begin with and that it has not in fact increased due to their presence. Why do you think that the federal police have no right to protect federal taxpayer property? There are so many contradictions and so much damage being done, all the Dems have done is shown voters who they do not want in office if they prefer a civilized society.
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