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    A Meme with analysis

    Ok, one last look at Texas and time to make a final judgement on these memes. It’s now been 6 weeks since the doom memes came out, and 5 weeks since they officially lifted the mandates. Here’s how things stand.
    [​IMG]New confirmed cases:
    [​IMG]7 day moving avg: DOWN 49% since the memes came out (7,253 to 3,708) and DOWN 29% since the mandates were lifted (5,230-3,708). However, UP 14% since last week.
    [​IMG]Reported Deaths:
    [​IMG]7 day moving avg: DOWN 69% since the memes (225 to 69) and DOWN 66% since the mandates were lifted (200-69). Also, DOWN 13% since last week.
    [​IMG]Hospitalizations: (note: data only available up to April 12)
    [​IMG]7 Day moving avg: DOWN 48% since the memes (6,402 to 3,342) and DOWN 41% since the mandates were lifted (5,671-3,342). Also, DOWN 3% since last week.
    [​IMG]All metrics are still down substantially from when the memes began and mandates lifted. Deaths are the most impressive, down almost 70% despite the memes’ predictions. We’ve waited 3 weeks, then another 3 weeks. At this point, these memes are finished and can be entered into the running for most hysterical memes of the year (although with much competition).
    [​IMG]There was a slight uptick this week in cases, so we’ll see if that leads to a future spike, it very well could. But this began so far after the mandates were lifted, it can’t credibly be blamed on that, especially considering some states with mandates are spiking (and others without continue to decline). It’s also possible a future spike won’t necessarily result in the same spike in deaths/hospitalizations as in previous months as the more vulnerable get vaccinated.
    [​IMG]Note: this does NOT mean lifting mandates means less cases, that’s also faulty logic. But they certainly seem to make little difference; cases plummet or spike with or without them, the virus seems to primarily spread and decline based on other factors. Yet, it’s clear the mandates do negatively effect the economy and other factors of well being.
    Charts of each metric are posted in the comments (or in the thread on Twitter) so you can see the trends visually and share them. Source is the NYT database.

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