The Extra Point: Most impactful departure from 2020

Discussion in 'GarryP's Trojan Huddle' started by ErikMcKinney, Jan 17, 2021.

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    Jan 17, 2021
    I thought Talanoa outside of Slovis were the two most impactful players for 2020. I would also include London in there as well, but without Slovis, he may not get as many receptions that he had.
    Understanding that the question was who is the player leaving that would have the most impact in 2021, it would definitely be AVT. The reason being that with the addition of Foreman with Jackson, I think there will enough defensive pressure to help the secondary and safeties.
    Now going back to Slovis, who will be there to protect his blindside? Hell we can’t even find and OL coach that wants to coach our Oline. Please also don’t tell me moving Mckensie over to AVT’s spot is the solution. Given we have not heard anything about Slovis’s injury, take him out lineup and Harrell’s Air Raid will definitely be grounded, even with the arrival of the 2 new QB recruits. Harrell has a lot of work to do, because he already is transitioning to the Warm seat after last year’s performance. If he learned one thing as an OC, it’s not just the X and O’s, he better spend time recruiting the Oline!
    Fight On!
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    Who will protect Slovis' blindside? Great question. And, it normally takes time to develop a young OL. I don't think any of the remaining tackles showed a particular skill in shutting down defensive ends.
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    I thought this was about Helton getting fired...disappointment.

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