The China Hustle - movie

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    One of the "benefits" of this lock down is being able to find little known movies that are not normally shown at local theaters. (If this has already been posted before, I apologize; it is hard to keep up with every post!)

    Here is a review from Forbes magazine:

    "That, in a very simplified nutshell, is what's going on in The China Hustle. Small companies in China were merged with shell companies in the U.S., put on the stock exchanges, and then claim earnings, revenue, business, and so on that's all far in excess of what the company is really doing. If they're making $10 million, they might claim they're making $100 million, for example. The paperwork is falsified, banks and investment firms and others promote the company as a good investment without doing due diligence to make sure it's real and that the numbers add up, and so billions of dollars pour into these companies that are actually worth vastly less -- sometimes almost nothing at all, apparently -- and then the people committing the fraud, the banks and other financial institutions making huge commissions from investments in those fraudulent enterprises, and others walk away with the money while investors are left holding the bag."
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