Thamel: Pac-12 expected to decide on schedule this week

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  1. Thamel: Pac-12 expected to decide on schedule this week

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    The end of July has been set for a bit as to when the Pac-12 would announce its fall schedule.

    Report from Yahoo’s Pete Thamel: “Sources: The Pac-12 is expected to decide on its FB schedule this week. The start of camp is the big looming issue, as some schools are prepared to start and some are handcuffed because of local COVID restrictions. There’s already a sense that preparation time won’t be equitable.

    Further complicating the league’s decision is that camps could run into the start of classes. Some schools are on quarter system (September start) and others semester (mid-Aug). Once classes begin, camp is limited to 20 hours. This could hurt the semester schools.

    The Pac-12 ADs spoke on Monday morning. The goal for the Pac-12 this week is to find a model that all the schools are comfortable with.“
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