Quick hits from speaking with Vic So'oto, Tuli Tuipulotu

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  1. Quick hits from speaking with Vic So'oto, Tuli Tuipulotu

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    Apr 8, 2021
    A couple great lines from the media session with Vic So'oto and Tuli Tuipulotu this morning.

    So'oto when talking about Jamar Sekona coming into spring ball in great shape: "I tell the guys all the time, the sign of a good defense is when little guys like to hit and the big dudes run."

    So'oto also stopped himself in the middle of one of his answers to direct a question to Tuipulotu.

    So'oto: "A lot of my time speaking to them is about development, is about your job on the defensive line – which, Tuli, what’s your job on the defensive line?"
    Tuipulotu (immediately): "To establish the violent, physical nature of football through relentless effort. Both immovable and unstoppable, we do not chase. We hunt."

    And So'oto about establishing culture this spring: "But at the end of the day, the culture of being the right type of Trojan, the culture of leaving the field knowing that the guy across from you feels way worse than you do, is what we’re doing now."

    Full stories coming later.
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    Thanks Erik.

    Music to my ears!

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