Photos of USC offensive linemen

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  1. Photos of USC offensive linemen

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    Aug 4, 2020

    Liam Douglass, Brett Neilon, Courtland Ford and Jonah Monheim.

    That 2020 offensive line class has been maligned due to its star ratings, but if USC could get two longterm starters out of that group, that's a good start. I think they have that with Ford and Monheim.
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    Aug 4, 2020
    Ford looks like he could be an athletic weapon if he’s got a nasty streak to him. What’s more, none appear to be carrying too many extra Covid-pounds. Good start. (If there’s actually football and all that)
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    Aug 4, 2020
    Screenshot_20200804-173615_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20200804-174025_Samsung Internet.jpg
    They need to hire Wisconsin's OL coach. A couple of those dudes in the twitter picture kinda have bird legs. Don't they work on their lower core? What happened to the Sand in their bottom type OL? These thin OL guys look like TE's. I prefer the massive hog SEC pile movers with Pot bellies and tree trunk legs.

    USC wanted to play Alabama? Haha. They give away 14 lbs per man on the OL. Look at the top 4. LSU, Georgia, Clemson, Alabama. Georgia a whopping 330 per man average. All of them have figured out you're not winning without a 320lb+ OL foundation. USC is recruiting 287 lbs dudes and hoping they gain weight. If you want a big line, recruit a big line. I wouldn't even look at a dude unless he was close to 310+ coming in I need him at 320lbs. Not a Single Pac 12 team is in the top 10 in OL size. That's what separates the conferences. It's light heavyweights against Heavyweights. Simple. Why can't Clay Helton figure that out. This article said USC use to get big guys. That stopped about the time Clay Helton took over. Wisconsin secret a massive OL every year. They dont even have the skill guys USC does. But their record has been better over the last 4 years because the OL.
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    Aug 5, 2020
    these guys don’t have small legs. the other two are true freshman’s.

    5C3DE4E6-125A-486F-B4D0-2C8C458B3156.jpeg F04BFE1B-F1B4-4C5F-A1C2-D3D1C77E709D.jpeg

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