Musings from Arledge: The Urban Meyer question, and answer

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    We're both giving opinions here. Mine basically mean as much as yours...which is squat.

    .....No qualms about Hernandez?... read what I said. He wanted to kick Hernandez off the team, Tebow convinced him to give Aaron another chance and then after his Junior year, he told him he was gone. You are welcome to side with Zach's wife, but there are two sides to every story. At the time this scandal came out. I wanted Ohio State to take fall..they had just kicked USC's ass, and I was not an Urban fan. Listening to Courtney Smith's interview and then reading up on everything that happened changed my opinion of about things. I probably would have drank drano 30 minutes into my marriage with her... keep in mind that Zach was never accused of hitting her...just shoving her once then on another occasion restraining her when they had a fight and she was hitting him, and leaving marks.. Still trying to figure out why someone who was only interested in his checkbook like you claim Urban was, would keep a mentor's grandson on his staff who was not showing up to work on-time and not doing his job.....FYI...he wouldn't. I'll stand by my explanation on this one as I will about Urban at Florida. No way I'm saying he's a saint...but whatever documentation you want to post, there's other documentation supporting what I'm saying.....Here, what happened at Florida is outlined in an objective just-the-facts fashion:

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    It's easy to write a muck-raking article. If it's an author's intent to make someone look bad, he/she can. I took the time to read both sides of the story and I came up with my own opinions on things. I did this long before Urban was a serious candidate for the USC job. I'm comfortable with the opinions I've formed on the is Fox where he is employed, and so is Ohio State where he is still on the faculty. You are more than welcome to you are.
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