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    Pulling the plug on sports in the PAC 12 was a responsible move and proper decision. Unfortunately, the men’s tennis team, ranked #1 in the country had a very good chance bringing home and winning the NCAA Championship in May 2020. Dang, this Corona Virus outbreak cost USC a potential tennis championship…

    Thumbs up to Coach Masi and the entire team for their #1 ranking and terrific season. After the 2018/19 season, I figured for the 2019/20 season the team was a pre-season top 4 team. I knew they had very good talent, but earning the #1 ranking was a nice surprise and awesome. After the departure of legendary Coach Smith last year, Coach Masi was in a tough position. But, Coach Masi and staff have done an outstanding coaching job.

    Farewell and Aloha to seniors and NCAA All Americans, Brandon Holt and Riley Smith. I’m grateful to have seen Brandon and Riley play tennis the last 4 years. Thanks for the memories.

    It's all good, once again the team will have a strong, top 4 team next year!
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