Les Miles? Just a thought

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  1. Les Miles? Just a thought
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    Sep 18, 2018
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    Sep 18, 2018
    The Podcast was as Spot On as I have ever heard...Thank you and well done (Honesty)

    The Coaching Staff is disorganized and apparently overwhelmed by situations and Big Games. It is relflected by the SMH plays on the field and poor game management.

    Although WE shouldn’t be surprised there was no high expectations when Helton was hired, and I would never disagree He is a Great Person and Mentor. However Big Game Coach, he and those around him are simply not.

    Coach Helton’s delusional assessment of his staff and the play on the field, coupled with not backing his own player’s admission about practice the week leading up to the final game of the “Trilogy” is a Red Flag.

    And now with McGrath & Pola Mao out with No Gustin for the 1st half,and WSU scoring 90 Pts In 2 Games while SC scored 17...and a short week...This sure is not 2016 and nor will it be.

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