Fire Helton Now and Hire Oscar Meyer!

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    It’s hard to stomach, but the truth has always been in front of our eyes. USC has NEVER been the kind of school that pays for a coach. Not well anyway. Even PC wasn’t a top shelf selection at the time. Lucky for us, he was even more. We all know who’s out there that would absolutely relish the opportunity to put a fence around Southern California and dress up the best players in our nation in Cardinal and Gold. Truth be told, our school has bigger problems. Bean counter ones. So when we look at this coach on TV on Saturdays, it’s like looking at your favorite car with wanting eyes. Both are bean counter problems. We’re all sick of losing, but there’s something to be said about losing to schools you’ve owned that now have our kids. If USC wants to win again with the same leadership, both administrative and coaching staff, we should apply to the WAC because those are the players we now get under Helton.
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    Did SC not win her championships before this era of over-paying coaches?
    Over-paying is overrated,
    House/senate even our presidents, are they providing better service today, giving society more bang for our tax dollars??
    The question applies to leaders all over the globe, how many truly give the people what's deserved?

    Do today's teachers teach better/harder than say teachers from the 70's?
    Are today's nicely compensated Doctor's providing better service than the Docs of past who made house calls/visits, who spent more than 5 minutes with patients???

    Early 70's kids paid fifty cents for bleacher seating at Dodger stadium and after games we often could sneak a hello to Cey, Lopez and the rest of the gang who always reciprocated with a "high kid". Good luck even seeing one of these millionaires today after a game.
    Got more bang for our buck from players of old, good luck with today's Rich coaches/players.
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