ESPN: Potential massive Pac-12 player boycott

Discussion in 'GarryP's Trojan Huddle' started by ErikMcKinney, Aug 1, 2020.

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    Aug 10, 2020
    I answered your first question about 30 replies back. Less than 2% of CFB players will ever make it pro, and of that <2%, a fraction will make out like Bosa. Your statement is like saying "Lottery players that win jackpots are really happy w/ the odds"...well, yeah!

    And as for your 2nd question, you're asking the wrong question.

    • Why are predominantly public/non-profit institutions of "higher learning" in the business of maximizing revenue streams, while at the same time, creating arms races for paying HC's/AD's/assistants/Conf Prez's/Bowl Comish's millions annually each, while at the same time still entitled to be treated as non-profits and have their employees participate in public pensions?

    That's the right question, not asking why the side out there risking their bodies and providing the entertainment want to get more due to there being more.

    But you would never ask that question, because you're you.
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    So I guess your answer is...because you said so. You haven't given any convincing arguments.

    The players put their bodies on the line? So do coal miners. Do they get a piece of the revenues also? Is that how our system works now? If someone decides he wants something, he gets it? Remind me again: who put a gun to these kids heads? Obviously they thought it was a fair deal, or they wouldn't have signed the LOI. They also know that they don't have that many options as beneficial to them.

    Arms race? So? That's your business now as well? Are you pretending that Nick Saban isn't worth $10M? How much revenue has he generated for Bama? What would CPC be worth today? I admit I wouldn't have paid Helton $4M/year, so if you want to question Lynn S's acumen, no argument here.

    If you want to remove the non-profit exemption for athletics, I'm on board with that. Administrative bloat: completely agree. Seems like every other day Dr. Folt sends me an email about adding yet another diversity officer of some sort. You could eliminate hundreds of Admin jobs reporting to Folt, I suspect, without harming USC's "excellence."

    Sure, the players can ask...and admins can say no.

    I like to think that the pandemic will force a reckoning for colleges. We disagree on what that should look like, but can the present model of kids graduating with crushing debt, limiting their chances of buying homes, starting families and having the "stuff" you and I have...all in exchange for, in many cases, a useless degree continue indefinitely?

    And if USC is just another "progressive" college, what's the point of sending your kids there?

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