Elephant in the room: 2021

Discussion in 'GarryP's Trojan Huddle' started by Gold Trojan, Dec 28, 2019.

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    Dec 28, 2019
    Yep. Word is out. You know opposing coaches are using this against Helton and USC. I'm sure, Cristobal and other coaches, show potential recruits, a chart, highlighting all the 4* and 5* players USC has recruited over the past few seasons. Players that were recruited by Bama, and Georgia, end up looking slow, weak, and unatheletic. What, six players on the 46 man All-PAC-12 team?? Armchairs questioning if all 85 of USC's recruits were vastly overrated, somehow? Remember CJ Verdell, the smallish, slowish 3* recruit out of the SD area?? No one thought he was SC material, but ends up a 1st team All-PAC-12 selection. Somethings not adding up, and the opposition is highlighting the failures at USC.

    The elite players have spoken. Thibodeaux, Flowe, BY, Milton, Ricks, Funa all went OOS. Heck, even Bru, and Steele, initially signed with OOS programs. Yep. The cat's out the bag. They're not getting suckered anymore.

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