Coach Helton is our main problem, then Coach Pendergast.....

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  1. Coach Helton is our main problem, then Coach Pendergast.....

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    Sep 1, 2019
    If everyone on this board says that Helton doesn't see what the rest of us here see, then there is no way that Helton is right and the rest of us are wrong. There's just no way.

    Like some other poster said, we went from earning an A to earning an F as the quarters went by. People, our personnel was vastly superior to theirs, so I don't want to hear that it was the kid's fault. Yes, JT threw some forced passes (especially the one into the end zone) and Vaughns dropped a couple of much needed passes, but for the most part, the personnel looked ok.

    What doesn't look ok is the overall preparation......the untimely penalties.......the missed tackles.....the turnovers.......the strategies, schemes and play calling, and that's on Helton and Pendergast.

    Where was Stepp? Where was the defensive pressure in the backfield? Where was penetration by the either line? Why can''t we stop a mobile quarterback? Why can't we sack? Why can't we tackle? Why can't we go without getting called for penalties on critical plays? What the F is up with using a "bend don't break" defense when you have monsters along the defensive line? We couldn't even convert on fourth and short!

    We got bailed out by Jones on that kickoff return for a TD, Pola-Mao's interception was key too.

    But this was Fresno State who doesn't have near the caliber of personnel that USC has.

    The vaunted Air Raid and Harrel's offense? It worked for a while, but guess what? Fresno State kept up with us on passing yards, out gained us on yards per pass, and Fresno State out gained us on the ground! Who would've thunk it! Kedon Slovis? I liked his attitude.

    Yes it was the first game, but it was the same old thing......we got worse as the game went along, and we were far from dominating on either offense and defense. There are some very good players on our football team, but we somehow always find a way to play at a mediocre level.

    I think it's on the coaches, namely Helton and Pendergast. Stop playing nice and we'll start looking like the team we should be.

    Fight On and beat the Cardinal!
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    Sep 1, 2019
    Swann and Helton promised changes. This is what we got.

    1. (Confusion) 2 dudes showed up wearing the same number on offense. (Embarrassing for a coach on the hot seat) but it's a good example of what's going on here.

    2. (Scripted success followed by a flop) This team starts fast scores 2 times quickly with their scripted plays then the wheel's fall off and they go into a coma for 3 quarters.

    3. (Out coached) The other team makes adjustments after the first half and out playe'd this team in the second half. If Valus Jones does not run one back they lose this game. The old sleepwalk into the 4th quarter.

    4. (Situation Mastery..Not) Clay Helton had some strange clock management calls. (As usual)

    5. (Holding 10 yards repeat 3rd down) Penalties at the worst time that wiped away big plays. I guess the refs at practice or the up downs are not the solution? Maybe try running laps like pop Warner?

    6. (Overhyped) Ben Griffiths was talked up like a "God" in spring then his longest punt in a game was 38 yards. Proves practice is a game. Things look different with real pressure.

    7. (Sending out an SOS for the TE) So much was made of the TE role in spring and yet they had the typical 1 catch game. You sure Erick K. is the best catching TE? What happened to Wolf and Falo?

    8. ( Wasted Talent) The WR core was lighting it up in spring yet most guys barely played. If they did at all. Typical Clay he puts them on the shelf on game day after they practice all week. They went to the same 2 guys. It's a two piece meal anyone want a wing and thigh?

    9. (Arm Tackles Anonymous)
    Clancy's defense has trouble tackling for the 4th year in a row. I'll alert the media.

    10. (My favorite. The Hang on Snoopy Hang On) This team jumps out to a 14 pt lead then has to hang on for the victory. (as usual) it's been half a decade since this team knocked anyone out.

    11. ( The Force A Guy To Transfer) What happened to Markese Stepp?

    This start looks just like last years start and the year before that and the year before that. Even when they win these same issues occured. So what's changed?

    Nothing has changed because Clay Helton and Clancy Pendergast are still here.

    ***I'll make it clear this is not on the players. They are doing what they are taught. This is poor upper management.
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    Sep 1, 2019
    To kill the snake yu gotta take out the head. In this case case Helton. Otherwise you wont het rid of the poison

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