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Discussion in 'Trojan Recruiting' started by ErikMcKinney, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Not to be a downer (am anyway), but Lincoln HS is probably the ~20th best HS in Oregon. Oregon's top HS would probably be the 50th best school in CA (do the rough math). Lincoln will most likely not be sending a single player to a Power5 school, maybe 1 or 2 to a D1 school (last year they sent 1 player to Montana).

    I thought Stephen's technique was very upright and slow, but that's because the player across from him was very slow and predictable. He's just bigger/stronger than the player across from him, technique isn't really needed.

    If he were playing across from Thibadeaux or Drake Jackson, we'd really get to see his technique and how he defends the speed rush, the swim, inside move and bull-rush from someone equally as strong as he.

    Without camp footage against top talent, really tough to judge what we've got...other than just the measurables.
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    Just wondering if some of these kids are asked to attend camps to see how they perform against decent competition prior to offering. Or do most just get evaluated based on their highlights.

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    You said it in the first part.
    To see how they fare against quality competition and to see how they take to our coaches/coaching.

    Sometimes, I believe we will offer a prospect that isn’t as talent YET, but the physical features are there, he just needs to be coached up.

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