beginning a new tradition

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  1. beginning a new tradition

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    Oct 6, 2019
    I slaved at a northwest Indiana steel mill until June 15th of this year. For 15 seasons of Trojans football, I proudly wore my Trojan gear into and thru a locker room of Whining Irish fans. I sported baseball jerseys, football jerseys, polos, bandanas, t-shirts, and hats year round but the week of the USC Notre Lame game was always special. I would wear something different everyday. My ringtone has been the USC Fight Song for as long as I can remember and it would be the end every radio conversation. 1 against 400 and I loved it!

    I have worked in an office since June 17th; there are a few college football fans but almost zero Neuter Dumb followers. I definitely do not miss the chemical reactions, the splashing molten steel or 3000 F temperatures. But I very much miss the rancor and abuse thrown my way because I dared to wear my beloved Trojans colors. And I would wear them proudly.

    Fight On Forever!

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