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    Jan 10, 2019
    The Board of Trustees should understand you hire an AD that is professionally developed to be an AD. It is conceivable that you might have found one former iconic athlete from your school to be an AD. Three is ridiculous. Look around the pro and college sports world. Almost no one has former stars leading their organizations. Elway in Denver is the exception with mixed results. The old ball coach had a nice run at Florida. But very few. It is bewildering what these bozos are thinking. A disgrace. Hire a pro.

    Secondly, USC is an elite football school. If we spend another decade jacking off like the past one, then it won't be. But for those who think it can't line up the best candidate, you are dead wrong. USC should hire people who've proven they can do their job already. Never hire a first time OC. Let that guy show he's a good OC at Fresno State first. Never hire a first time HC. Let him prove it at Kentucky or Houston. CPC's program started weakening towards the end partly because he promoted boys to fill the spots opened up by the men who left. All Haden hired were guys who hadn't proven themselves in the roles they were brought into. Saban has a revolving door of assistants and coordinators as did Meyer; but they are all experienced, not learning on the job. Hell, he had Sark. A 2 time HC as his OC.

    This isn't difficult stuff when you are USC. It is when you are Cal. Jokers

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