Admissions scandal, Heinel, and Coach Allice

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  1. Admissions scandal, Heinel, and Coach Allice

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    This is a stunning, frustrating, and angering look at what Heinel perpetrated not only on USC but on several beloved members of USC's coaching staff including Coach Allice.

    "Ron Allice, the track and field coach at the University of Southern California, assumed bad news was on the way when Donna Heinel summoned him to her office back in 2011.

    He was right.

    Heinel, the athletic department administrator who functioned as a gatekeeper over whether recruited athletes could find a spot at the increasingly competitive private university, had found a problem with the track athlete Allice was pushing. He had taken a sign language class to fulfill a foreign language requirement and, though that was the standard in the state university systems, Heinel dug in against him.

    Now, Allice wonders if there was another reason Heinel was so resolute. ....

    Tom Walsh, the former cross country coach who left U.S.C. in 2013 after 19 years, said coaches sweated the days when they had to attest to the worthiness of their recruits to Heinel. “It didn’t matter how good people were,” Walsh recalled in an interview last week. “Coaches in different sports would commiserate: damn, this is tough.” ...

    Walsh and his former colleagues are now wondering how far back the alleged scam might have gone. Heinel required coaches who recruited athletes from Europe to have their transcripts translated in the United States to limit the chances of fraud, Walsh said. One runner he recruited was an artist. Heinel demanded to see a portfolio, and copies or photos of the works were not sufficient. The originals had to be shipped......

    Eight years later, Allice, the retired track and field coach, remains annoyed. Memories of that hurdler were dredged up by the allegations against a woman who now stands accused of fraud. The athlete Heinel said did not measure up to the school’s standards was hardly a borderline athlete, much less one of the fakes she and Singer created.

    The hurdler, Johnathan Cabral, ended up at U.S.C.’s Pac-12 rival, Oregon, where he would finish second in the N.C.A.A. finals in the 110-meter hurdles as a senior. A year later he finished sixth during the 2016 Olympics while representing Canada."

    A very revealing comment from Heinel after she "came out" to her parents while she was a college student in Massachusetts. .....

    "The experience of coming out to her parents stayed with her. “I’ve just kind of been, ‘Do what I want to do, when I want to do it,” she said. "

    If guns cause deaths, then perhaps the government, in an effort to reduce white-collar crime, might want to outlaw "coming out".
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    I remember when this all was happening. As I recall, that class in question was a UC approved class. I didn’t realize it was this same person (Heinel) who was blocking this student.

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