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    1. CrownoftheValley
      I just went back to OT board and all was ok??? Don’t know what glitch my phone had but it wasn’t right. Enjoy the game. I get gamecast and the board game thread. Sorry for the previous post but it was weird.
    2. CrownoftheValley
      Erik, the OT board has been seriously hacked. There are old threads being dumped to the top without a new post. Burying current discussions. Please have it addressed ASAP. I know it’s a bad day (game day) but it will create havoc when people get up this morning. I’m in Spain nine hours ahead when this happened (happening). Thanks Erik. Good luck and beat the Huskies.
    3. SoAmericanTrojan
      With the passing of Fair Play Act a Forum/Chat in the subject may be a great idea....Pros Cons....what really means for recruiting....Just Saying....Thanks for the great job
    4. Sam Bam
      Sam Bam

      I know you didn't want this job just yet and it is a hard time for you but I wanted to say you are doing a great job. Fight On.
    5. 63blegs
      Hey Erik
      A very sad time for all of USC's family losing Garry P
      I am reaching out to see who is taking over the site? Ive been speaking and had met with Garry about starting a USC business network and getting more former players involved in the site. My email is [email protected] and cell 601-415-0930
      Fight On
      Brad Leggett
      USC 1985-1989
    6. redeye
      Erik & Greg, I am so saddened by Garry's passing. Might we consider creating a yearly scholarship fund for an up and coming undergraduate sports writer in Garry's name? (With approval of the family) Not certain how this sets up at USC but I believe it would be bursed through financial aid office. As I live in upstate NY I would need an on-campus contact to broker this. Dr. P
    7. JonathanS

      If you need help with anything from a technical standpoint I'm ready to help as I used to for Garry before work took me away from it.
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