Articles by Kevin Bruce

Defensively Speaking: Colorado 2018

It was pretty obvious that the defense couldn’t have picked a better time to show up than last night. Without such a stout defensive performance with 16 TFLs, sure tackling and a pick six (only our second pick of the season which equals JT’s first quarter), this would have been a big Loss in the won/loss column.

Defensively Speaking: Arizona 2018

So how does 24 – 0 become 24 – 20 with an onside kick away from a real threat to lose the game? Easy answer…we don’t demand sound football play from our players; we ask for it, nicely.

Defensively Speaking: WSU 2018

Friday night’s game was equal parts entertaining to equal parts frustrating. At the end, we stole a victory away from WSU with just enough offense and barely enough defense and a memorable field goal block by Jay Tufele which was the game saver play of the night.

Defensively Speaking: Texas 2018

So the question remains, what changes this week that will generate different and better results? Coach Helton, don’t kid yourself as yesterday was a watershed game in the history of USC football. It’s on you.

Defensively Speaking: Stanford 2018

The temptation is to go into some sort of a mini-rant or such. Serves no earthly good and doesn’t help us understand just what the heck is going on out on the field. So that is what I’m going to focus upon.