Articles by Kevin Bruce

Defensively Speaking: Cotton Bowl and more

So, this season is now in the books. I think most of us agree that it was a season of unfulfilled promise and talent. Now comes the inevitable attrition of seniors rolling off and underclassmen declaring for the NFL.

Defensively Speaking: ASU review

Last night’s game was an excellent “bounce-back” win after last week’s lopsided loss. I actually don’t think there was a category in which we were outplayed…literally.

Defensively Speaking: Notre Dame review

Our opponents always talk about our team speed and quick strike big play ability. What they never talk about is how physical we are or how surprised they were about how hard we hit them. That’s because we don’t hit them hard.

Defensively Speaking: Utah review

I sure am glad that Coach Whittingham decided to go for a 2-point conversion late in the 4th quarter…otherwise, if overtime was required we might still be out there

Defensively Speaking: WSU review

A solid defensive performance is a terrible thing to waste. Yesterday’s loss to a pretty good Washington State team was preventable and the defense played just well enough though to allow for a W. But it just doesn’t work that way as this is a team sport and you win or lose as a team.

Defensively Speaking: Cal review

Welcome back to Trojan football when we are the hunted not just the hunters. Yesterday’s game was a tough game and that wasn’t a surprise. What frankly surprised me was the question of “Where was this edition of Coach Wilcox when he was DC at USC??”. No real answer to that question but interesting to wonder about.

Defensively Speaking: Texas review

If yesterday’s epic battle of attrition, physicality and skill doesn’t get your heart racing go see a doctor…now, as in right now. Btw, if your heart is still racing consider the same action!

Defensively Speaking: Western Michigan review

The prevailing viewpoint has been that our defense was more prepared and ready to play with fewer questions than the offense or special teams. That was certainly not the case yesterday and was on full display to all…including Stanford who are up next.