Articles by Garry Paskwietz

Position update: Defensive Line

This could be one of the stronger defensive fronts that the Trojans have put on the field in recent years when you consider the combination of depth, experience and overall talent.

WeAreSC Recruiting Podcast

Garry Paskwietz and Randy Taylor from National Preps discuss prospects at recent camps as well as the beginning of the Spring Evaluation period and early visits.

WeAreSC Mailbag

In our weekly mailbag we look back at some of the key issues from spring ball, priorities for the spring recruiting evaluation period, and more

Position update: Offensive Line

Coming out of spring the offensive line is still one of the units on the team that needs to get shored up in the fall, and how that comes together will have a big impact on the overall success of the offense.

Trojan practice recap (4-14)

The Trojans wrapped up the 2018 spring ball sessions today with a 90 minute practice session that featured team drills and positional work on a warm afternoon at Cromwell Field.

Trojan practice report (4-12)

The Trojans finished their final spring ball practice on Brian Kennedy-Howard Jones Field as the last official session of spring will move to Cromwell Field on Saturday for television purposes.

Position update: Linebacker

As spring ball winds down we take a look at the linebacker position, how it looks now and how it could look in the fall once the full complement of players is available.