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Anthony Sarao Interview (9/2/15)

By Lizelle Brandt

Anthony, congratulations on being named one of the team captains.  What does that mean to you?

It means a lot. Especially, you know, coming from the locker room, the team votes. That means the team believes in me and they’re ready for me to lead.  We just tell them to be out here to be honest. It’s time to get out there and finish and win.  And that’s all we’re worried about.

With the departure of Hayes Pullard to the NFL, how is the unit adjusting, getting ready for the first game?

I think just as Trojans, it’s a standard around here.  It doesn’t matter who’s on the field. We respect everybody and play to our standards, so regardless, you know, losing seniors or other guys to the NFL, we come out here and play as Trojans.  That’s what we do.

Coach Sark says you’re a veteran who can lead the unit. What does that mean to you as a senior, in stepping it up?

It means a lot, coming from Coach.  He believes in me and we got his back all time every time.  Like I said before, it’s a Trojan family. And we’re just going to get out here and finish like we did last year, and we gotta win.

Let’s talk about the linebacker unit, how prepared are you for Saturday?

We are well prepared. Coach Sirmon does a great job. Coach Wilcox, he’s doing a great job this year. This is our second year in the system so it feels way better.  Now it’s getting better technique, getting better on the details. So it’s good.

What are you doing to game plan against a mobile quarterback like Arkansas State’s Fredi Knighten? 

Were just sticking to our keys. Sticking to our game plan, to Coach Wilcox’s plan. They do a great job of film studies so we are just going to listen to our coaches, and win.

It’s your senior year, how excited are you to be back at the Coliseum this Saturday?

It means a lot to be back at the Coliseum. I mean, that’s our home. This is our home away from home so every time you step in that building you get the chills.  You get the tingles, and it feels good.  I can’t wait.