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Pete’s Arboblog: First Day of Spring

from Pete Arbogast, the voice of the Trojans

Honestly, I had a hard time sleeping last night thinking of the start of another football season, albeit it was just spring practice, with the first game kickoff still a full half-year away.

I left the west side super early just to be sure not to get stuck in the odd west-to-east traffic tumult that kicks in at about 2:30 every weekday. That gave me an arrival time of 2 p.m. however, a full hour and a half before practice was to start.

What to do?

I walked past Cromwell, and found I was SO early that not a piece of equipment was even beginning to be laid out by the student manager crew. Now THAT’S early!!

So I hoofed it over to HH and checked in at the Sports Info office to grab a couple of spring guides, and a men’s volleyball poster, which I will put on my office wall at the Y replacing last year’s version. This year’s poster, like this year’s team is better than the 2014 version.

Off to grab a pre-practice snack and read the DT.


Time passes slowly, but surely. And it’s time to grab my media credential (same photo since 2005) and head on in. We are at Cromwell Field and sitting in the center of Loker Stadium, staring into the sun. I like the elevation, and am reminded to bring binoculars on Thursday.

Like all practices, there is a pre-practice to actual practice, then some stretching, and THEN practice itself. Hard to tell where it begins but no one seems to care or mind. Good to see all the familiar faces, and a few freshly scrubbed ones belonging to new cub reporters from the student news services.

And here’s what I saw (keeping in mind it was just shirts, shorts and helmets today).

1-we look really, really fast. Speed at every spot it seems.

2-I don’t think we’ll miss Nelson and Buck as much as you might think, but might miss Leonard more than anyone.

3—Kessler looks good. Browne looks the best I’ve seen him since he got here. The wild card in all of that might be Jalen Greene.

4—Ajene made a couple of really nice grabs over the middle.

5—Albarado is really good.

6—you should not every throw near Adoree. Ever.

7—in the scrimmage, it looks like we are going faster than ever. Wow.

8—the DJ should mix in more old school with the stuff he plays just for variance.

9—we of the WEARESC staff are really good at SC football trivia.

10—Malik Dorton was my unknown player of the day on defense. On offense I’d say it was #49 a TE and I can’t recall his name just now and am way too lazy to go get my roster from the car….or look it up.

11—I think this is going to be a really good team, with a really good spring, and is going to get better and deeper this summer. Won’t that be fun.

Biggie Marshall was on the sideline I hear. And on the Trojan Live show on 980 The Beast tonight with Jordan and JJ.


I followed the baseball game, the first loss of the season, via twitter from the SC baseball twitter feed. I am SO 2007!

Our basketball boys play Ucla tomorrow. I was invited to go and help Chris Roberts get a sendoff from the Bruins, but can’t make it due to other obligations. Not that I can stomach going over there much anyway. Worst news is we might face them in the 5 vs 12 game at the P12 tourney next week. Ugh.

Prevailing thought amongst my friends who know: next year will be a .500 season, the following year is do-or-die or back to the drawing board (again). I think this has the makings of a good team, and a good future. 2017 and 2018 after that could be very, very good on the hardwood.


Marshall got clubbed in the city semi final by Hamilton, the third year out of four we’ve been eliminated by the Yankees. The oddity is that Marshall won it’s league title while Hami was 6th in the 7 team Western League, which tells you about the relative strength of each league.

No matter, going into the semi final, all four teams knew they had at least one more game, as the losers were scheduled to play a state play-in game for the third spot from the city in D2 tonight.

Then Monday, the city called the two schools who were ready to go and already practicing, and told them to forget about it, their season was done and over. Seems Gardena, a division 2 team which was artificially elevated to the Open Division (and lost there by 30 to Fairfax) was never tested in the playoffs, but simply handed the state division 2 third place spot. Seems fair, eh?

Marshall and King-Drew argued that they should be allowed to play with the winner then going to Gardena to decide it on the court. Not the way the city does things. It made too much sense and would actually solve the problem.

Great season boys, and on to baseball and track!


I’m hanging out Thursday at Settebello in Pasadena on Colorado with Harvey Hyde at 7 pm. All comers welcome as he does his live show from there and we talk SC football and eat really good pizza.

The Coach just got picked to replace Mark Willard at the annual Trojan Club affair to kickoff the season at Braemar CC in August. Huddle up and buckle up! He joins me and GP on the dias. Get your tickets now. It’s all you can eat Alaska King Crab and Prime Rib, just FYI.

More after Thursday’s practice, I’m tired, didn’t sleep so well last night.

Fight On!

Garry Paskwietz

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